Is that what you had said?

The other day my old roommate and her fiancé and I were talking about how I have a tendency to not stay very single for very long. Then she said, "Ya, but I would be really better if I didn't have a boyfriend." Her fiancé and I looked at each other and then I said, "Wait.. What?!" and again she repeated, looking somewhat confused, "I would be better if I didn't have a boyfriend." We were both still really confused by what she meant and her fiancé was starting to look quite perplexed. She said, "You guys, I know I said it right. Why are you so confused? I would be so BITTER if I wasn't engaged right now." Oooooh, so that is what she meant.

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  1. haha.. this is funny.
    the usual miscommunication.
    thank God she's better and not bitter ;)