I wrote Jessie a Dear Jane!

Dear Jane,
I mean Jessie,

I just want to start by saying how much I still love and care for you. Things have been crazy here and yet so wonderful. I didn’t know how to break this to you, so I decided to write you a poem:

Tears fell as we said our good-byes I whispered my love for you would never die You gave me a final handshake and walked through that door For two long years I knew I would see you no more Lovingly I placed your picture by my bed My heart ached so much I wished I were dead For weeks tears flowed and I sighed many sighs Until a knight came to my rescue wearing a dress shirt and necktie He is an RM and Elders quorum president, what more could be better He is also the reason why I am sending you this letter
 The truth is the moment you entered the MTC I got the internet like you suggested (so that I could email you) I also saw a commercial on TV about LDSmingle.com. Well, I signed up for that too and they matched me up with Desidorio, from Budapest!

I thought it was interesting that I got matched up with someone living in the same country as your mission! We've been communicating ever since and we've fallen in love and will be getting married! We've never met in person, but we don't need to. We prayed over the phone and we felt the Spirit soooooo strong I think it would be wrong NOT to get married!

Not that I know it's the right thing to do, but he's the one I want to be with. I remember the burning spiritual revelation I received about you, but I just can't wait another year. I can't handle being alone any longer. Don't think this has anything to do with you, it doesn't. You're amazing, as always. I know one day you will find the happiness you deserve. I will always love you.

So, if anything, I wanted to THANK YOU for suggesting that I get the internet. If it wasn't for you listening to the Spirit to tell me that, then I would have never met Desidorio! You truly are a great friend!

He was just returning from his mission in England. Occassionally, my mind would drift to you, but I figured that you were having fun with your companion and I needed some fun too. You need to concentrate on your mission so I want you to know that you mean the world to me. I will always treasure the moments we spent together, and I know we will have many more of those moments in the future, considering that Desidorio is actually your long lost brother! Yeah, isn't it crazy! We had wanted you to come to the wedding, but we decided we couldn't wait that long. I know you waited for me on my mission and I promised to wait for you, but I know God had something better in mind for both of us. But we're thinking that we might name our first daughter after you. That would be nice, wouldn't it? I hope we can still be really good friends, otherwise Desidorio would feel bad.

Anyways, have a great day!
Love always and forever,