Public Bathroom Stalls

Whenever I walk into a public bathroom I always have the same thought process. My first thought is to head for the stall furthest from the door because I assume most people will use the one closest to the door. But then I always think to myself, but what if everyone has the same logic as me? Then I should use the first one. Which is immediately followed by, well, if they all think that then they would all go to the first one. So then I don't want to go into the first one. And I am always momentarily at a loss. It happens every time.


Daily Conversations

Kristal: We are all being so studious!
Kelsey: Except Maryn, she is blogging.
Me: Hey! Blogging is the most important thing a Mormon can do!
Kelsey: Except for having babies.


Every time I tried to use the excuse, "but mom, I was being sarcastic!" she would always tell me that the root of sarcasm meant "the stripping of the flesh" and whenever I was sarcastic I might as well be doing that to a person because of the emotional harm that I was causing them. My friend recently accused my of being sarcastic and I was reminded of this and I decided to Google it to see if my mom had just made it up to make me feel bad. Turns out she is right.
Latin root of sarcasm - sarco. Means tearing of the flesh. Dang it.