Conversation with a 7 yr old

7 yr old (staring at a group of high school girls standing near the park, looking perplexed.): Are all high school girls like that?

Me: like what?

7 yr old: You know, like blahblahblahblahblah... like they are dumb or something.


Burrito Fail

I am rather fond of Chipotle. It is not my absolute favorite but it is pretty tasty as far as non-Mexican Mexican food goes. A bunch of us went there the other day and I was pretty excited about it. I ordered my usual, a carnitas burrito with mild salsa (basically just tomatoes and cilantro), rice, sour cream, cheese, corn and lettuce. Delicious. They put my foil wrapped burrito in a basket and slid it next to the register. I picked it up and joined my friends at the table. I unwrapped my burrito and took a bite. It was good - but a little hotter than I remembered. But I did bite right into the peppers and onions so that was probably why. As I continued eating, my mouth started burning more and more. This buritto was wicked hot. Why my friend kept putting Tobasco sauce on his burrito was beyond me. I searched for a pocket of beans to take a break from the firy infirno that was raging but I couldn't find any. With just a few bites left, I just couldn't finish it. Everything from my mouth to my stomach was scorched. I set it down and looked over at my friend. His burrito looked delicious and the corn looked fantastic. Confused, I looked down at the remants of my burrito. There wasn't any corn to be found. Gasping, I realized what had happened. I turned to my friend and said, "Wait, did they switch our burritos?" He looked down at the burrito in his hand and said, "That would make sense. I was wondering why this had so much stuff in it. Umm... well it was a really good burrito." I wanted to cry but that was just because the fire had finally reached my tear ducts.

Thanks Chipotle.


Sheep Talk

Friend1: You have to download Robot Unicorn!

Me: I was going to but it cost money. I'm going to stick with free games for now. In fact, I found a really fun and frustrating one called Round 'Em where you have a bunch of sheep that are wandering around and you have to try and get them all in the pen. It is so hard though! They keep escaping and you are like 'What the heck! I just got you in there! Can't you stay in there for more than five seconds?!'"

Friend2: Now you know how Jesus feels.



Saturday's Warriors

It was a dark and stormy day. Literally. We were trapped inside the Brookline house during one of the craziest snow storms I have ever experienced. There were an odd assortment of people over as we were all waiting for flights slash hiding from the storm. We had been inside all day and gone through almost all of the movies the boys owned. We soon resorted to taking pictures of ourselves on Omar's Mac. While messing with the various settings, we were particularly entertained by the "comic" feature. Then we discovered, that the pictures looked particularly cool when we were punching/hitting/abusing each other. We spent the next little while taking a series of action pictures and experimenting with the camera and the different ways of physically abusing each other. Then we thought, Wouldn't this make a great comic? Why yes! Yes it would. So we downloaded a program that creates comics and made a story to go with our pictures. This is what resulted. Enjoy.

This is my blog. Say hello.

This is the most recent map of those who have read my blog. I thought it was pretty exciting. 

Loren, if you did this I am going to be so sad.


Lost iPod

A few days ago, I lost my iPod. Sad as I was, there were a few reasons that I was less sad. First, I got the iPod for free. A few years ago, KeyBank was doing a promotion where, if you signed up for a free college checking account, along with a few other miner things, then you got a free iPod. My mom specifically called me to tell me about this and so I ran over and signed up. I had to wait a few months to get my iPod but sure enough, it came. It was one of the new nanos (the good ones with the huge screens and the capacity to watch videos.) I really did love that iPod. As soon I got the iPod, I went back to KeyBank, withdrew all my money and closed my account. So though it was a bummer that I lost it, at least I wasn't out $300. What also made me feel better is imagining that it was found by some poor kid who is going to school on a million scholarships that he slaved away for years to earn and then had to apply for financial aid in order to finish paying it off and has never even dreamed of owning any kind of electronic device let alone an iPod. And the look on his imaginary face brings me so much joy that being sad about my missing iPod isn't even a possibility. Plus now I can finally get an iPod Touch.