One of the days that I was walking to work trying to find someone to talk to me I decided to call Jessie (whom, I might add, has been ignoring my calls ever since she found a significant other). I, of course, got her voicemail and so I left her a message, informing her that it was rude to ignore her friends when they are trying to call her. As I was mid-sentence, a bug flew straight into my mouth and down my throat. I started coughing really hard, choking/yelling and ended up swallowing it. I then had to explain the sudden interruption to Jessie (still on voicemail) and then hang up the phone still coughing. It was disgusting. I felt it there the rest of the day.

I just thought of another pretty funny story. Caitlan recently sent me a package (thanks again for that, I have worn the jacket every day and drank at least 3 bottles a day). The other day I went to go see if I had received a standard automatically generated email telling me I had a package but instead I had an email that said:

Hi Maryn,
A package came in today addressed to a Mern Smeether with the unit number of 4225, does this package belong to you? Please let me know ASAP so I can direct it properly. Thank you.

David Caulfield
Retail Specialist, Mail Services

I laughed out loud and responded that it was me and I would be right there. I went to the desk and they asked for my ID. I gave it to them and told them it was actually under Mern Smeether. The girl gave me a weird look and then the guy said, "Oh, are you Maryn?" and I said yes and he gave me the package. As I was signing for it I laughed and said, "Ya, this is an inside joke. My friend is so funny." He looked at me, not really amused but still with a slight smile, and said, "Ya... we had a fun time trying to figure out who this actually belonged to." I laughed and laughed the whole way home and immediately put on my jacket, filled up my water bottle, and called Caitlan to share.


Time for a Hot Day

So today was one of those days... I looked exceptionally good. Last night I was talking to my brother and my bangs were driving me crazy. So I plugged in my straightener and took care of them. We kept talking and it was entertaining to straighten my hair so I just kept going. Next thing I knew, it was all straight. Then this morning I touched it up and BAM! it looked really good. I also put makeup on for the first time since the weekend. I told Caitlan that I looked really good and her response was something along the lines of "What day is it? Thursday? But you aren't even going to see anyone. What a waste." I laughed out loud. Everyone at work kept telling me how nice I looked. One of them told me even my face looked difference. I told her it was because I was wearing makeup and she was like "ooooh yaaa...." haha that was pretty funny. Anyway yes... successful hot day. Love it.



No one understands me. And by no one, I mean Danielle.



Once I thought it was a good idea to keep a blog. Until I had it read to me by Jerr. Then I thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea.