i gotz skillz

I was moving into my new apartment today and I did this. All by myself. There was easily only 10 inches in between me and the other cars. And who says Idaho girls can't park?


The Birds and the Bees

I got sick today :( and had to go to health services. I was feeling nauseous, dizzy, lightheaded and had lower abdominal problems. Seeing as how Wellesley Health Services had asked Kristal if she was pregnant when she came in with an eye problem, that question was inevitable. Sure enough (though surprisingly much later in the questions than I had anticipated) she asks, "Are yo currently sexually active? Have you ever been sexually active?" I answered no to both questions and she gave me a look that clearly said she had a hard time believing me. She left me alone and ran off to do some tests to try and figure out what could possibly have been ailing me other than an unborn child.

She came back about 20 minutes later and told me a few things it for sure wasn't. Then she listed of a few things that she thought it might be but wouldn't know for a while. Then she casually said, "Oh and we ran a pregnancy test, just in case and it was negative." Surprise!? I must have given her a look cause she quickly went on "It's not that I didn't believe you... It's just that if we sent you to a specialist and something came up (like what? a baby?!) they would come back to us and ask why we didn't do a pregnancy test. So this is just to make sure we covered everything. But it's not that we didn't believe you!"

Right lady... good thing you checked because I was definitely worried. Looks like someone needs the birds and the bees lesson more than I do.



This was an old boyfriend and I's song. When I was 14. Apparently I have always been weird.


Multitasking - Fail

I was texting and walking and I tripped.