Saturday's Warriors

It was a dark and stormy day. Literally. We were trapped inside the Brookline house during one of the craziest snow storms I have ever experienced. There were an odd assortment of people over as we were all waiting for flights slash hiding from the storm. We had been inside all day and gone through almost all of the movies the boys owned. We soon resorted to taking pictures of ourselves on Omar's Mac. While messing with the various settings, we were particularly entertained by the "comic" feature. Then we discovered, that the pictures looked particularly cool when we were punching/hitting/abusing each other. We spent the next little while taking a series of action pictures and experimenting with the camera and the different ways of physically abusing each other. Then we thought, Wouldn't this make a great comic? Why yes! Yes it would. So we downloaded a program that creates comics and made a story to go with our pictures. This is what resulted. Enjoy.


  1. I love that the very first thing you do when someone opens their mouth is punch them in the head. It speaks volumes for your character

  2. Dan - ... actually I have nothing to say to that :)

    Raquel - Thanks!