Lost iPod

A few days ago, I lost my iPod. Sad as I was, there were a few reasons that I was less sad. First, I got the iPod for free. A few years ago, KeyBank was doing a promotion where, if you signed up for a free college checking account, along with a few other miner things, then you got a free iPod. My mom specifically called me to tell me about this and so I ran over and signed up. I had to wait a few months to get my iPod but sure enough, it came. It was one of the new nanos (the good ones with the huge screens and the capacity to watch videos.) I really did love that iPod. As soon I got the iPod, I went back to KeyBank, withdrew all my money and closed my account. So though it was a bummer that I lost it, at least I wasn't out $300. What also made me feel better is imagining that it was found by some poor kid who is going to school on a million scholarships that he slaved away for years to earn and then had to apply for financial aid in order to finish paying it off and has never even dreamed of owning any kind of electronic device let alone an iPod. And the look on his imaginary face brings me so much joy that being sad about my missing iPod isn't even a possibility. Plus now I can finally get an iPod Touch.

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