Burrito Fail

I am rather fond of Chipotle. It is not my absolute favorite but it is pretty tasty as far as non-Mexican Mexican food goes. A bunch of us went there the other day and I was pretty excited about it. I ordered my usual, a carnitas burrito with mild salsa (basically just tomatoes and cilantro), rice, sour cream, cheese, corn and lettuce. Delicious. They put my foil wrapped burrito in a basket and slid it next to the register. I picked it up and joined my friends at the table. I unwrapped my burrito and took a bite. It was good - but a little hotter than I remembered. But I did bite right into the peppers and onions so that was probably why. As I continued eating, my mouth started burning more and more. This buritto was wicked hot. Why my friend kept putting Tobasco sauce on his burrito was beyond me. I searched for a pocket of beans to take a break from the firy infirno that was raging but I couldn't find any. With just a few bites left, I just couldn't finish it. Everything from my mouth to my stomach was scorched. I set it down and looked over at my friend. His burrito looked delicious and the corn looked fantastic. Confused, I looked down at the remants of my burrito. There wasn't any corn to be found. Gasping, I realized what had happened. I turned to my friend and said, "Wait, did they switch our burritos?" He looked down at the burrito in his hand and said, "That would make sense. I was wondering why this had so much stuff in it. Umm... well it was a really good burrito." I wanted to cry but that was just because the fire had finally reached my tear ducts.

Thanks Chipotle.

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  1. LOL. *in tears laughing* Oh, you killed me with this one! I'm choking on my coffee, cleaning it from my monitor because I took a sip just at the part when you said "burrito was wicket hot" and spit my coffee out laughing! Oh... that's too much! *giggles*