A Few of Life's Lessons

Throughout my years, there have been a few boys in my life. Some I have dated, some are just friends, and some are somewhere in between. Looking back, I have learned a thing or two from these guys and I thought I would share.

1. Lord of the Rings is a poor choice if it takes you the whole movie to hold a girl's hand.
2. Friend's brothers are a bad idea.
3. The first time I realized I was the prettiest, the smartest and the best.
4. Drive in movies are the best.
5. Peanut butter fights are the best way to get someone to forgive you. No one can stay mad at you after smearing a handful of peanut butter in your hair.
6. You can kiss a guy days after meeting him.
7. Even if explicitly tell a guy you aren't dating, he doesn't always believe you.
8. I am not smooth.
9. Boys can be just as girly as girls. Sometimes worse.
10. A fling is just a fling.
11. Some flings are more fun than others.
12. Canada is a lot farther than boys think.
13-15. I don't think I learned anything from these ones but it was definitely a good story.
16. There is nothing ok about a frat boy.
17.  Friend's brothers are still a bad idea.
18.  It is impossible not to love me.
19. A few minutes is not enough time for people to fall asleep.
20. No matter how cute a guy is, there is something wrong with someone who is most likely lactose intolerant and drinks copious amounts of milk and then texts you about what a poor choice that was while he is in the bathroom and you are outside waiting for him.
21. Boys do have feelings. Somewhere.
22. Even the most secretive boys can't keep a secret.
23. Don't ever get involved with someone who has no problem just climbing around the chastity wall (that is not a confession of any sort. It's a real wall that only exists at BYU).
24. It only takes a week to fall in love. Apparently.
25. Even goofy looking guys can get a surprisingly large quantity of girls
26. There is something very appealing about Twilight.
27. My blog isn't as great as I thought it was.*

*This is not true. But some boys seem to think it is.

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  1. Haha, I feel like there must be a story behind each one of these. Post about them! I vote for 2, 5, 10, 13-15 (how many guys are involved here?!), 20, and 25. Also, I completely disagree with 27.