Intern Life

Me: You have to be born a woman in order to go to Wellesley. So if you were born a woman and decided that you identified as a man then you could go. But if you were born a man and identified as a woman then you couldn't go to the all women's college. I think there is something wrong with that. Not that I totally get why you would want to switch genders in the first place but that's just me.

Fellow intern: Have you ever wanted to change genders?

Me: No. Not really.

Fellow intern: You need to go to Thailand.

Me: (quizzical look)

Fellow intern: They get gender changing surgeries all the time there.

Other fellow intern: Ya, but how good is the quality?

Fellow intern: No actually it's great! I've had quite a few surgeries done ....

(interrupted by loud snickering. He never got to finish that sentence.)

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