Judge Not That Ye Not Be Judged.

As I was babysitting my two boys, they started watching a documentary on Bigfoot sightings. I watched it with them for a few minutes and couldn't help but notice the number of hicks and uneducated people that were on this show, convinced that they had seen Bigfoot and his family. Rolling my eyes, I went into the kitchen to make dinner. A few minutes later, one of my boys calls out and asks me what part of Idaho I was from. I answered and then heard a loud gasp! and then he came running into the kitchen exclaiming, "Maryn! They saw Bigfoot in your hometown!"


  1. Hilarious. I'm from Idaho Falls originally. Where was it.....Rigby? Bear Lake? lol....

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  3. Sad to say, I am also from Idaho Falls. Though I would have pegged Rigby to be the sighters of Big Foot before IF.