Next time we're going to McDonald's

Last night my friends and I had a late night craving for some Wendy's. We got there a little after 10:00, just as the restaurant was closing. Thankfully, Wendy's drive-thru is open til 1:00. We pulled around and then realized that there were five us paying seperately. I asked the guy if we could make separate orders and he informed us that no, we could not. If we wanted to make separate orders we would have to drive through the drive-thru again. So we did. Five times. Thanks Wendy's.


  1. This goes to show that life is a lot like carpentry when you're trying to hammer in a nail: you can usually get what you want by simply applying brute force and ignorance and/or brute force to ignorance.

  2. YOu bould have get one of yourselves to gather all the cash needed and make one whole purchase at one go by buyin everyone else's food.then distribute.
    Do u understand?