I need to learn to read

I got a B&N Nook for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Being the poor college student that I am, the first thing I downloaded was the Complete Works of Jane Austen - because it was only $.99 for seven books. I read Pride and Prejudice, fell in love with it and downloaded the complete works of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, the Bronte family, and Shakespeare - all totaling less than $10. Feeling very cultured, I tried to download another collection of 50 classics, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I checked the memory and it said '4.97 GB of 5.00 GB.' I was very distraught. This thing was supposed to hold about 6000 books and I only had about 200. So I took it into Barnes and Noble and explained the situation. The lady at the help desk said that was very odd and she didn't know how to answer it so she called an information line and gave the phone to me. The guy asked me for the Nook's information and then asked me to read him exactly what it said about how much free space I had. I clicked on it again and read, '4.97 GB free of 5.00 GB.'  Oops. Hadn't seen that free word before. The nice guy kindly told me, without mentioning my mistake, that if I actually am out of memory that I just need to archive a book which will free up space. After hanging up, I tried to download the 50 Classics collection - totaling over 12,000 pages. It worked just fine and when I checked the memory it said, '4.95 GB free of 5.00 GB.' Doesn't look like I will be running out of memory anytime soon.

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  1. So those large collections are okay? I was afraid to buy one because I thought they might be formatted weirdly or something.