Don't Let Them Pick Up That Pile

I have a new found love for card games, namely Nertz, Canasta and Hearts. The other day we were playing an intense game of Canasta and after the first round, my partner and I were killing the other team. Halfway through the next round, I realized I could see the other team's cards in a mirror that was behind her. I started texting my partner everything she had so he wouldn't lay it down and let her pick up the pile. It was working fairly well until he laid down a five, which I just told him not to do. I couldn't believe it. The pile was huge and there was no way we could have recovered from that. I gave him a dirty look and gestured towards my phone. He looked at his phone and looked at me like "What?" I checked my phone and I had a text from another friend.. not my partner... that said "What? Are you cheating at poker?" My bad.

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