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This one is for you Michelle...

During my senior year, my two best friends and I decided to take a road trip down to St. George, UT. We loaded up the car, stock piled on snacks, bought matching water bottles and headed on our way. It was much like any other road trip, with lots of music, road games and attempts to get my old car to break 100 mph without killing it. The highlight of the drive down was when we stopped in Provo and got a Dr. Pepper. Turns out none of us had drank caffeine in months and it showed. 

We stayed with a really good family friend who wanted to go on a big group date while we were down there and so he started looking for guys to take us out. He was going to take one of my friends and found another guy to take my other friend. But after calling everyone in his phone, he could not find a date for me. He was getting desperate and the time of the date was fast approaching. Finally, hours before we were supposed to go out, one of his friends called back and said he could do it. Considering the lengths he went to find him, I was pretty skeptical about the physical quality of my date and hoped he would at least be fun.

The first guy showed up and he was pretty cute. He seemed to hit it off fairly well with my friend and I was getting more and more anxious about what my date was going to be like. The doorbell rang and I shifted nervously in my seat. My friend went to open the door and in walked the most attractive guy I had ever seen. He was tall and thin with broad shoulders, dark hair and a perfectly chiseled face. I am pretty sure all three of us girls' jaws dropped. My friend introduced us and I had to do everything in my power to say something coherent. 

They took us up to the middle of the mountains with a couch, a TV and a generator. We watched some "scary" movie about a sand creature that tunnels underground and comes up to eat everyone in the city. The movie was lame but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless and after it was over we torched the couch and jumped over it (oh the things Utah/Idaho kids do for entertainment). 

When we got back to my friend's house, I walked my date back to his car and thanked him for taking me out. He gave me a hug and as we pulled away, I leaned over, grabbed his face and kissed him. I looked up at his shocked face, said "Well, see you later." and walked off. I felt so good about myself. Until I tripped.
Not smooth. 

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