Time for a Hot Day

So today was one of those days... I looked exceptionally good. Last night I was talking to my brother and my bangs were driving me crazy. So I plugged in my straightener and took care of them. We kept talking and it was entertaining to straighten my hair so I just kept going. Next thing I knew, it was all straight. Then this morning I touched it up and BAM! it looked really good. I also put makeup on for the first time since the weekend. I told Caitlan that I looked really good and her response was something along the lines of "What day is it? Thursday? But you aren't even going to see anyone. What a waste." I laughed out loud. Everyone at work kept telling me how nice I looked. One of them told me even my face looked difference. I told her it was because I was wearing makeup and she was like "ooooh yaaa...." haha that was pretty funny. Anyway yes... successful hot day. Love it.


  1. Not gonna lie, when I saw the picture my first thought was "who is that." so hot.

  2. I'm confused.

    Because you look good every day ...

  3. hahaha i love that you don't wear makeup usually. darn all girls school. every day I go to class could be the day i meet my eternal companion... you know what, i am writing a blog about this.

    ps you are rocking that jacket