One of the days that I was walking to work trying to find someone to talk to me I decided to call Jessie (whom, I might add, has been ignoring my calls ever since she found a significant other). I, of course, got her voicemail and so I left her a message, informing her that it was rude to ignore her friends when they are trying to call her. As I was mid-sentence, a bug flew straight into my mouth and down my throat. I started coughing really hard, choking/yelling and ended up swallowing it. I then had to explain the sudden interruption to Jessie (still on voicemail) and then hang up the phone still coughing. It was disgusting. I felt it there the rest of the day.

I just thought of another pretty funny story. Caitlan recently sent me a package (thanks again for that, I have worn the jacket every day and drank at least 3 bottles a day). The other day I went to go see if I had received a standard automatically generated email telling me I had a package but instead I had an email that said:

Hi Maryn,
A package came in today addressed to a Mern Smeether with the unit number of 4225, does this package belong to you? Please let me know ASAP so I can direct it properly. Thank you.

David Caulfield
Retail Specialist, Mail Services

I laughed out loud and responded that it was me and I would be right there. I went to the desk and they asked for my ID. I gave it to them and told them it was actually under Mern Smeether. The girl gave me a weird look and then the guy said, "Oh, are you Maryn?" and I said yes and he gave me the package. As I was signing for it I laughed and said, "Ya, this is an inside joke. My friend is so funny." He looked at me, not really amused but still with a slight smile, and said, "Ya... we had a fun time trying to figure out who this actually belonged to." I laughed and laughed the whole way home and immediately put on my jacket, filled up my water bottle, and called Caitlan to share.


  1. that story still makes me laugh out loud. Who is Mern Smeether? hahahaha

  2. I TOTALLY remember that message! I laughed for about 10 minutes and listened to it over and over again as I walked to class. so funny.