We were playing the game Taboo and for those who aren't familiar with the game, you choose a word and try to get your team to guess it. However, there are a list of words you can't use. For instance, if you if you draw the word "sandwich" you probably can't say "bread" or "lunch" My friend gets the word "windshield." What he meant to say next was, "I have a huge crack in my car's...." but what came out was "Ooh, Ooh, I have a huge crack!"


  1. ;) "Like" - My friend 'Ricky' invented a new game called the Wikipedia game. Basically you (or you friend) picks a word at random (for example - belly button, pickles, lip stick) and you have to click through the links on wikipedia and get to the page about the topic without typing a word into the search engine. ( For Example - you could go from a page about - food - to cooking oil - to sweat - to skin - to belly button). More points for the less clicks it takes to get to the page about that topic. x

  2. You are so funny! I found your blog roaming around blogger, and wanted to say thanks for all the laughs!