How to Entertain Kids Who Don't Know Better

I was trying to figure out how long the State of the Union Address was going to be but was watching two boys and couldn't get online. So I, being resourceful, texted Chacha and asked it. Unfortnately Chaha didn't understand my question so I wasn't able to find out. But one of my boys asked me what I was doing and I told him that my phone was magic and knows everything so I was asking it a question. The older boy said, "Ooo, aak it if Will likes you!" (Will is a cute boy I told them I liked) I did and Chacha responded with "If Will makes eye contact, smiles, starts conversations & flirts with you then he is definitle interested!" The boys thought that was pretty funny so they told me to ask it what their favorite ice cream is. I knew Chacha probably wouldn't know so instead I sent myself a text that said "Oreo with chocolate sprinkles." and handed the phone to the one that could read moments before a text arrived that said "Oreos with chocolate sprinkles." We spent the better part of the next half hour asking my magic phone questions. They think I am so cool.