Sunday School

I recently got surgery on my nose (deviated septum + two extra sinuses... ouch) and so I have a nice, white bandage stretched across my face.

Today in church a bunch of us who were home from college were ditching Sunday School to catch up (not condoning, just reporting) and a member of the Bishopric came up and asked us why weren't in Sunday School. One of my friends turned to him and said, "We are in Sunday School. This is our class." The Bishopric member asked, "and where is your teacher?" another girl replied, "You can be our teacher." The Bishopric member looked at me and said, "Ok, let me tell you about the horrors of cocaine. And what it can do to your nose."


  1. Ooopz! :-D what a coincidence! Or did he mean it really? Does cocaine do anything to our nose?
    By the way, I have got that thing DNS, Deviated Nasal Septum. Just recovered from a huge sinusitis in november, that lasted abt 3 weeks. And I have this allergic rhinitis problem too.. :-/
    by the way, did u see my latest post, it's a story I wrote for a contest. I put it up there b4 the results came. I wouldn't want to share it if there was no prize. Last year I got the prize at two levels. But this time, I really didn't wanna write.
    Are you there on Facebook- pls add me, my link is in my blog, under "my linkzzz.."

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  3. ...and judging from the nature of your posts I sure can say you talk a lot :D